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The overall objective of IURC China Programme is to lead and develop urban and regional cooperation between the EU and China. The activities are twofold: sustainable urban development and innovation.

The Component 1 supports cities from both sides to develop approaches and implement solutions to common urban challenges.

And the Component 2 supports a limited number of Chinese and EU regions/provinces – to be understood as sub-national entities – to develop and implement innovation actions for regional and local development cooperation and investments on a mutual benefit basis.

“IUC Asia has achieved to create a network, a community, if I may say a family, of European and Chinese regional authorities, non-state and state actors, public and private friends and colleagues. It has inspired great willingness and commitment of cities from the EU and from China to work together on pertinent subjects, focus on sustainable urbanization and act as real partners in times of pandemic. IURC China will further nurture this solid foundation, excel the quality of city and now also regional partnerships and elevate the cooperation to the next level by involving a strong dimension of innovation.”


IURC China Reads

The Opening Remark by Councilor of Energy and Climate Action of EU Delegation to China on EIIES in Chengdu

Jin JingnanOct 17, 20213 min read

The 3rd Energy Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit (EIIES) took place on 16th October in Chengdu and highlighted the leaders driving the energy transition. Technology corporations, startups, accelerators, and government…

Knowledge Sharing: the EU-China Regional Innovation Joint Study

Jin JingnanAug 27, 20216 min read

The EU-China Regional Innovation Joint Study, supported by previous IUC-Asia programme, is to compare the European and Chinese approaches to regional innovation carrying out a comparative analysis at a general…

IURC-China Thematic Webinar: Urban Planning on Innovation District

Jin JingnanJul 23, 20218 min read

The IURC-China programme held today its 2nd thematic webinar, the Urban Planning on Innovation District. More than 30 participants from Barcelona, Liuzhou, Beijing, Yangzhou and Xiamen took part. This webinar…

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