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The Promotion Ceremony of Rome Garden and Culture & Tourism Exchange Held in IHE Yangzhou

Jin JingnanJuly 9, 202112 min read

The IURC-China programme held the Promotion Ceremony of Rome Garden and Culture & Tourism Exchange in the International Horticulture Expo 2021 Yangzhou on 8th July. Representatives from Rome Municipality and…

IURC-China Thematic Webinar: Green and Sustainable Buildings

Jin JingnanJune 30, 202115 min read

The IURC-China programme held its first thematic webinar “Green and Sustainable Buildings” on 30th June. Participants from Barcelona, Bologna, Rome, Liuzhou, Beijing, Xiamen, Yangzhou, Yantai joined the event. Mr. Sebastien…

IURC develops city-to-city cooperation opening the door to a 50 million USD public-private partnership between Los Cabos, Mexico and Spanish private investment

Anthony ColcloughJune 8, 20213 min read

As a result of the cooperation between the cities of Los Cabos, Mexico, and Almería, Spain, within the framework of the IURC 1st phase (IUC ), the contract for the…

Makassar: Addressing Energy and Climate Change Issues

Siriwat PokrajenJuly 1, 20214 min read

Capacity building for development of Climate Action Plan Makassar, the capital of Sulawesi Province in Indonesia, began its cooperation on energy and climate change within the Global Covenant of Mayors…

EU-Thailand Heritage Highlighted

Pablo GandaraJune 18, 20211 min read

The history and shared cultural heritage of the EU-Thailand relations are reflected in the video “EU Urban Heritage”, which is now available on the Facebook page of the Delegation of…

Toyota, Japan & Grenoble-Alpes Metropole, France

Siriwat PokrajenJune 14, 20213 min read

Smart city solutions for people, industry and the environment For their city-to-city cooperation in the IUC programme, Toyota and Grenoble-Alpes Metropole were interested in developing smart city solutions for a…

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October, 25th

Food markets have been among the most affected vendors during the Covid-19 pandemic. These markets have social and cultural importance, as well as holding a lot of potential for sustainability...

November, 16th - 18th

Smart City Expo World Congress comes back to Barcelona on 16th - 18th November 2021. Smart City 2021 will be an enhanced hybrid cross-platform experience: a combined physical event of...

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