Climate opportunity for cities

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As part of continuing efforts to deepen technical support provided to cities, the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (GCoM) is launching a new initiative to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices among signatory cities from all regions of the alliance. Apply here if you want to learn from and share the experience with other GCoM cities in overcoming barriers to implementing your climate plans.

What is this new call about?

This new initiative will provide 10 pairs of GCoM signatory cities (20 cities overall) with financial and organizational support to organize exchanges on key Climate Action Plan implementation themes. Each exchange will allow two experts from each city to visit another paired GCoM signatory city in a different region.

Who can apply?

GCoM signatory cities that have been developing and implementing a Climate Action Plan consistent with the Common Reporting Framework (CRF) requirements can apply. The cities will be selected to be geographically balanced, covering all the GCoM regions (find the list of GCoM regions here).

Successful candidates will be paired with another GCoM city that faces similar challenges in Climate Action Plan implementation, allowing both parties to build cooperation and share knowledge through mutual Experts Exchange visits of 3 to 5 working days.

Why is it important?

Cities face important challenges in designing, funding, and implementing climate action projects. The goal of this initiative is to strengthen the capacity of cities and support them to meet other cities facing similar challenges, and to share ideas and solutions. This program will help cities to learn from each other and deliver tangible results to meet their climate goals.

What are cities committing to?

Cities participating in the Expert Exchange Program commit to enhance their efforts in further developing their own Climate Action Plans through sharing their knowledge and learning from their peers.

By joining this program, cities also commit to exchange closely with the city that they have been paired with and to use the outcomes to further develop and implement their own Climate Action Plan.

What does the application process look like?

Cities can apply to this program by filling in and submitting the Application Form at

Please send the completed Application Form to the GCoM Secretariat at by the 8th of March, 2023.



For any questions or queries, please write to this email address: and/or reach out to their Regional/National Covenants focal points whenever applicable.