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IURC North America matches European cities with Canadian and US cities as partners, tackling similar sustainable urban development and innovation challenges. The project facilitates knowledge-exchange through a combination of online tools and face-to-face support such as study visits, participation in thematic and networking events or capacity building. IURC cities enjoy a full range of benefits including:

“IURC will support city-to-city and networking activities of key sustainable development topics in line with the New Urban Agenda and the European Green Deal. Looking forward to continue our successful cooperation!”


IURC NA Pairings and Trios

IURC NA Recap 2021-2022

IURC North America Reads

Master Class Series Sustainable Urban Mobility and Transport

IURC North AmericaFeb 10, 20234 min read

Our webinar series, Sustainable Urban Mobility and Transport, brings together a cohort of IURC cities and metropolitan areas in a peer-to-peer learning environment to discuss and share challenges and best…

Master Class Series Cities Supporting Cities: Towards Circular Economy Concepts, Frameworks, and Actions

IURC North AmericaJan 24, 20233 min read

Our webinar series, Cities Supporting Cities: Towards Circular Economy Concepts, Frameworks, and Actions led by IURC NA in partnership with Fort Collins, USA, intends to guide participants on how to…

IURC-NA Study Visits Fall 2022

IURC North AmericaJan 23, 20235 min read

The IURC NA program organized the return learning exchange study visits to Zaragoza, Mannheim, Braga, Madrid, and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona during the fall of 2022. The agendas focused…

Join the IURC NA Thematic Clusters

The IURC NA Thematic Clusters bring together small peer groups from cities facing similar sustainable urban development challenges in a collegial environment where they can share and learn great ideas, best practices, successful pilots, new policy frameworks, and innovative solutions from one another. If your city is interested in learning and transferring knowledge please register.

Mobility & Transport:

Technology and policies aiming at emissions reduction and energy efficiency related to transport. Micro mobility and low emission zones.

Education, Jobs & Skills

Urban regeneration, entrepreneurship, and innovation centers. Green economy and social inclusion.

Renovation Wave – Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Retrofitting, green energy for buildings, and equity considerations in climate change planning.

Circular Economy and Waste Management

Circular Economy frameworks & policies and cities supporting circular business practices.

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