Eco-Schools & Circular Economy – Students from Portugal and Malaysia exchange experiences online

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Youth Action Matters – under this motto, the pilot cities of Vila Nova de Famalicao and Seberang Perai organised an online exchange involving selected pupils from three schools: SMK Convent Butterworth (Seberang-Perai), Camilo Castelo Branco (Vila Nova de Famalicao), and Colegio Nova da Maia (Maia). Each school presented current initiatives in areas including energy saving, waste segregation, as well as on reducing, recycling and upcycling waste. Programmes and pilot actions for 2023 were also presented. As a result, the involved cities discussed launching an IURC youth action network, to which reciprocal study visits from scholars could contribute. A report of the event follows soon.



Seberang Perai City Council is also preparing a Eco-School Vocational Training in collaboration with the IURC Asia team and with financial contribution by Flex and Lions Club of Baya Baru, Penang Malaysia. It is scheduled for May 2023.

By Pablo Gandara