A delegation from Cantabria (Spain) carried out its study visit in Chihuahua (Mexico) on March 13-15

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Ministry of Innovation and Economic Development (SIDE) with the heads of the Ministry and State education authorities

As part of the cooperation activities between Cantabria (Spain) and the State of Chihuahua (Mexico), a delegation of 2 senior officials from Cantabria carried out their 3-day study visit in Chihuahua from March 13th to Marth 15th, 2023.

Both regions cooperate to promote identification of investment priorities in specific S3 areas and share best practices on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and social development, with special interest in Industry 4.0; the development of opportunities within the framework of digital transformation in production processes; strengthening of health poles around the new international trends in continuous care and personalized health; as well as the promotion of collaboration in R&D&I in higher education.

In this sense, the Spanish delegation had the opportunity to meet different benchmark entities located in the capital city of the region, Chihuahua, but also in other big cities such as Cuauhtemoc, Delicias and Ciudad Juarez. The first day, had the chance to visit Chihuahua Innovation and Technological Development Campus (SPARK) and the CENALTEC Plantel of Chihuahua and the Heineken Plant in Meoqui, near Delicias. The second day, they visited La Norteñita in Cuauhtemoc, the Ministry of Innovation and Economic Development (SIDE), the Advanced Materials Research Centre (CIMAV) and the Faculty of Agrotechnological Sciences (FACIATEC) in Chihuahua. Finally, the last day in Ciudad Juarez, they visited TPI Composites, Hospital Angeles Ciudad Juárez, the Artificial Intelligence Center (IA Center) and the T-Hub Juárez.

Also, the Delegation had the chance to learn more about the cultural heritage of the region of Chihuahua, by visiting “Barrancas del Cobre”, one the most appreciated tourist attractions, and one the “magic villages” of México, Creel.

Meoqui Heineken Plant

SPARK, Chihuahua Innovation and Technological Development Campus

La Norteñita

Artificial Intelligence Center (IA Center)

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By Ramon Zamora