Fuenlabrada and Hangzhou Met for Cooperation in Digital Skills

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On March 22, 2023, the representatives of Fuenlabrada and Hangzhou met online to discuss potential collaboration on e-commerce education and training for SMEs. The meeting was attended by the city representatives and delegates of the vocational training providers in both cities. The purpose of the meeting was to share experiences and ideas on supporting SMEs for digitalisation and internationalisation and explore opportunities for collaboration in e-commerce education and training.

Opening Session

IURC-China team welcomed and introduced the participants from Fuenlabrada and Hangzhou, which included representatives from Fuenlabrada City Council, the Department of Economic Development, CIFE (Centre for Training and Employment Initiatives), Hangzhou Development and Reform Commission, Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Hangzhou Cross-border E-commerce Academy at the Zhengjiang Gongshang University, University of Waikato Joint Institute at Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou Hansheng Education Technology Co., Ltd., and International Business School (Cross-border E-commerce School) of Zhejiang Finance Vocational College.

Presentation from Fuenlabrada and Hangzhou

Representatives from Fuenlabrada provided an overview of the city’s experience in supporting SMEs for digitalisation and internationalisation. They discussed the various services and programs offered by the CIFE, the city´s public employment agency. The agency is dedicated to helping job seekers find employment and providing training and education programs to help individuals develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the job market. The representatives highlighted the training programs offered by CIFE, including vocational training programs, language classes, IT training, entrepreneurship training, and job search workshops. They also introduced the other services provided including legal assistance and support for start-ups and SMEs.

The Hangzhou Cross-border E-commerce Academy introduced its education program in e-commerce. The academy has a national-level e-commerce virtual simulation experimental teaching center, a provincial e-commerce and logistics key laboratory, and other facilities for research and practice in e-commerce and modern logistics. The academy collaborates with government departments and enterprises to conduct research and practice in e-commerce. The academy proposed cooperation with Fuenlabrada for student/faculty exchange and joint training programs.

The University of Waikato Joint Institute at Zhejiang University City College introduced their four majors: finance, industrial design, exhibition economy and management, and media design, highlighting digital design for E-Commerce platforms. They proposed a collaboration with Fuenlabrada for joint design labs and pilot projects in media design, exhibition design, digital human design, and 3D product design.

Hangzhou Hansheng Education Technology Co., Ltd. Introduced their experitse in cross-border e-commerce talent training programs. Their main focus is to help domestic brands to expand their reach globally through e-commerce platforms. They provide support for enterprises with training, project incubation, and brand operation. The company collaborates with Alibaba to offer various programs and workshops to share the opportunities and challenges of cross-border e-commerce. The company seeks to cooperate with Fuenlabrada in joint training, branding, and other services to facilitate SMEs’ internationalization.

The International Business School, also known as the Cross-border E-commerce School, of Zhejiang Finance Vocational College, shared their programs in Cross-border E-commerce as well as International Business. The school has been collaborating with Alibaba Digital Trade College to innovate its “dual-education”. Since its establishment in 2005, the school has trained more than 10,000 talents in international trade and cross-border e-commerce. The school is interested in cooperation in joint training programs for cross-border e-commerce, e-commerce operation, data analysis, and Direct to Consumer (DTC) branding, as well as enterprise data management and certification and capability building training.


The representatives from Fuenlabrada and Hangzhou explored several potential areas for cooperation, such as exchanging students and faculty members, establishing a joint design lab and working on joint projects. They also discussed the provision of joint training and branding services for SMEs to support their internationalization efforts. Fuenlabrada highlighted the growing development in E-commerce in the city, with many businesses offering their products online and using social media to connect with customers. The city is seeking to establish partnerships with Chinese companies to exchange experiences, offer training, and create an e-commerce platform.

Closing Remarks and Next Steps

The delegates from Fuenlabrada and Hangzhou expressed their commitment to collaboration. Both sides agreed to continue the dialogue and explore concrete collaboration further.