Kick-off Meeting for Biotech Collaboration between Santiago de Compostela and Chongqing

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On June 21st, 2023, Santiago de Compostela and Chongqing kicked off a productive IURC-China working session—the session aimed to foster collaboration and explore opportunities in the field of biotechnology between the two cities. Participants exchanged experiences and ideas, and outlined future steps for cooperation.
Santiago de Compostela, the administrative capital of Galicia, showcased its strengths and potential in the biotech sector during a recent presentation. The city, known for its historical and cultural significance, which has been recognized as a World Heritage City since 1985, has traditionally relied on services and tourism for its economy. There is a growing recognition of the need to diversify its economic. To address this, Santiago de Compostela has set its sights on becoming a leading city in the field of biotechnology. With the presence of the prestigious University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) and the Campus Vida, a Campus of Excellence in Bio-sciences at the EU level, the city has a strong foundation for attracting knowledge and investments in the biotech sector.

Key initiatives have been launched to support the city’s vision. The Sionlla Biotech SL has been established to manage the Biotechnological Innovation Center of Santiago, which will provide support infrastructure and financing for biotechnology companies. The Santiago Biotechnological Innovation Pole (BioPolo), consisting of various facilities and services, will assist in the post-incubation, growth, and consolidation of biotech companies in the region.
Prioritizing learning, synergy, and strategy adaptation for global transformation, Santiago de Compostela seeks to enhance citizen well-being, sustainable growth, and attract investments. The city identified strong common interests with Chongqing and is keen to foster future cooperation.

Chongqing presented their perspective on biotechnology and biomedicine development, highlighting the the Dadi Life Science Park, which attracted over 120 technology-driven pharmaceutical companies, forming a biopharmaceutical industry cluster and promoting high-quality development in the Liangjiang New Area.

The park aims to become an intelligent biopharmaceutical hub, collaborating with companies and institutions to drive the rapid development of the health industry. The area aims to establish various platforms, including innovative drug development, international collaboration, and precision medical treatment, to enhance the biopharmaceutical industry ecosystem in the region.

The Working Session between Santiago de Compostela and Chongqing paved the way for future partnerships. Santiago de Compostela began to plan the study visit to Chongqing to enhance mutual understanding and consolidate cooperation. The potential areas include academic cooperation, market access, talent exchange, and international networking within the biotech industry. Both cities are committed to knowledge exchange, expand their markets, and establish long-term partnerships. The session highlighted the potential for creating a global network of biotech innovation.