Chinese Delegation Visited Brussels and Ljubljana Region

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From Oct. 22 to 29, A high-level delegation from the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and cities of Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Liuzhou, Chongqing, Taicang and Guangzhou, visited Brussels and Ljubljana Region, to participate in the IURC Final Event and for knowledge exchange in cultural and creative ecosystem and regional innovation with Ljubljana Urban Region.

The delegation’s visit was tightly packed with workshops, site visits, and bilateral meetings. On their first day in Brussels, the delegates visited the European Quarter and later participated in a meeting with the Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy of the European Union, together with the delegates from the Lazio Region, Ljubljana Region, Region of Western Greece, NCI-Bologna, and Sofia. This interaction underscored the commitment to engaging with international partners in addressing urban and regional development challenges, symbolizing the strengthening of ties between Chinese and European cities and regions.

A notable highlight of the visit was the IURC Final Event. The Chinese and European delegates participated in government representative roundtable talks. The followed discussions at the European Parliament, focused on topics such as regional innovation, sustainable urban development, and economic cooperation.

The Chinese delegation then visited to Ljubljana Region. On the first day, they attended in a cooperation exchange meeting with the Ljubljana Regional Committee. Key topics covered included regional development policies and planning, showcasing Ljubljana’s experiences as one of the best EU Green Capitals. Discussions focused on transferring best practices in green infrastructure, circular economy, and regional innovation strategies. The visit to the Jožef Stefan Institute highlighted the role of science and technology in regional development, underscoring the importance of integrating research with economic and public sector initiatives.

The delegation explored Ljubljana Region’s cultural and creative sectors, including projects of Center Rog and the Cukrarna Cultural Center, which aligned with the EU’s vision of integrating cultural heritage into creative industry and urban development.

The visit included a meeting at the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, followed by a discussion on smart technology with EKWB, a renowned provider of intelligent computing cooling systems. These meetings underscored the potential for future technological and commercial cooperations between Ljubljana Region and Chinese cities.

The delegates returned with deepened insights and strengthened partnerships. It paved the way for continued dialogue and cooperation, reinforcing the commitment of the Chinese cities to engaging with European cities and regions in building sustainable and innovative urban and regional ecosystems.