Alentejo Region and Dalian Met for Cooperation in Blue Economy and Green Port Initiatives

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On November 22, representatives from the Alentejo Region and Dalian met to discuss the potential cooperation on the Blue Economy, focusing on the Green Port and low-carbon logistics for Blue Economy. The meeting integrated the experience gained through study visits in both China and Europe, aiming at future cooperative initiatives.

Mr Daniel JANEIRO from Alentejo Regional Development Agency (ADRAL) introduced Alentejo’s geographical, demographic, and strategic areas, emphasizing Alentejo’s strategic positioning and highlighting the region’s commitment to green port and blue economy initiatives. Alentejo region endeavoured to green and digitalize its Port of Sines. The port is part of the world’s first Green Energy Corridor for shipping, focusing on transporting “green hydrogen.” The port’s infrastructure is increasingly powered by renewable energy, with highly efficient automation and electric-powered rail connections, indicating a strong commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly port practices.

Mr. LAN Liangsheng, Deputy Director of the Dalian Development and Reform Commission, outlined Dalian’s role as Northeast China´s leader in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)​​. He emphasised the city´s industrial foundation and educational resources, highlighting the city’s eco-friendly and livable environment. Dalian’s unique location and port and logistics service presented as a significant advantage​​.

In the discussion session, both sides explored the collaboration areas, aligning goals and strengths for mutual benefits:

  • Learning from successful models of Green Port operation.
  • Providing vocational training and mentoring programs for SMEs and startups in Blue Economy.
  • Networking to boost business cooperation and commercial relations.

The session concluded with agreed potential actions in Green Port for the Blue Economy. This cooperation demonstrates technical, operational and procedural solutions to sustainable maritime development strategies, providing long-term benefits and fostering blue growth in both regions.

The session was moderated by Keru FENG from IURC team.