Watch IURC LA Webinar #19 “IURC Latin America: Final lessons from the Region-to-Region cooperation”

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IURC Latin America Webinar Highlights Successful Region-to-Region Collaborations

The recent IURC Latin America webinar, held on Thursday, November 23rd, provided valuable insights into successful collaborations between regions, focusing on lessons learned in sustainable regional innovation. The event emphasized the importance of cross-cultural partnerships.

The collaboration between Ostrobothnia (Finland) and Magallanes (Chile) underscored a shared commitment to a green shift in regional economies. The regions explored opportunities in non-conventional renewable energy sectors, specifically wind energy and green hydrogen production. The role of embassies in fostering cross-border ties was highlighted, and the ongoing collaboration is supported by substantial funding, ensuring its continuation beyond the IURC event.

Paraná (Brazil) and Silesia (Poland) showcased their dedication to innovation and digital transition. The partnership, marked by joint projects and participation in the INNOGLOBO programme, demonstrated a commitment to sustainable innovation. The BraSilesia initiative, facilitating collaboration between entrepreneurs from both regions, stood out as a platform for exploring new markets and engaging in collaborative research and development projects.

Tierra del Fuego (Argentina) and Opolskie (Poland) effectively bridged top-down and bottom-up R&D cooperation. The collaboration engaged various stakeholders, including decision-makers, public administrations, universities, and research centres. This partnership expressed interest in further collaboration in culture, education, and research, laying the groundwork for continued cooperation.

The webinar concluded with a dynamic panel discussion and Q&A session, allowing participants to engage directly with presenters and delve deeper into the insights shared during the event.

Participants from 16 cities and 11 countries joined the webinar. The IURC-LA Programme extends its gratitude to participants and panellists for contributing to the success of this insightful webinar. The lessons learned from these collaborations will serve as a foundation for future initiatives, fostering sustainable regional innovation and cooperation.

You can watch (or re-watch) the webinar #19 here

By Ramon Zamora