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April 29
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    IURC CHINA 线上专题研讨会:科技4.0、工业5.0及数字化创新

    09:00 -11:30




    2021年,欧盟委员会正式提出“工业5.0”(Industry 5.0)的概念,呼吁各成员国突破生产力与生产效率的导向作用,以研究和创新为动力,过渡到一个可持续、以人为本、有韧性的欧洲工业。与前几次工业革命不同,工业5.0将地球的生产极限和工人的福祉置于生产过程的中心,并将社会和环境优先事项纳入技术创新,成就超越GDP考量的韧性繁荣。




    此次研讨会是作为欧盟国际城市与区域合作IURC China项目合作专题组工作会议的一部分,旨在分享城市和区域如何实现技术、工业及创新方面的绿色和数字化转型,并讨论中欧合作如何能协助实现上述目标。









    IURC China“科技4.0、工业5.0及数字化创新”专题合作小组内的中欧案例城市及区域

    受邀的IURC 全球社区成员







    IURC China Webinar: Technologies 4.0, Industry 5.0 & Innovation

    09:00 -11:30


    Europe has experienced four industrial revolutions, each of which involved technology and innovation. The
    undergoing industry 4.0 (initiated in Germany in 2011) associated with key technologies such as the Internet
    of Things (IoT), robotics, nanotechnology, quantum computing, biotechnology and artificial intelligence (AI)
    is affecting a wide range of sectors. In 2021, the European Commission called for the Fifth Industrial
    Revolution (Industry 5.0), which aims beyond efficiency and productivity for research and innovation-driven
    transition to a sustainable, human-centric and resilient European industry. It places the production limits of
    the planet and the well-being of the worker at the centre of the production process and integrates social
    and environmental priorities into technological innovation to provide resilient prosperity beyond GDP


    In 2021, China’s 14th Five-Year Plan marks a shift towards “innovation-driven development” and promotes
    “entrepreneurship and innovation among all the people”. The investment in technology and R&D has
    recently been at a record high. The patented technology is increasing. National and local policies support
    technology transfer in industry, which drives socio-economic development. China´s `30-60 goals´, which
    target on carbon peak in 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060, lead to an opening market and huge
    investment in the green tech and sustainability sector. The `innovation-driven strategy ‘and `Made in China
    2025´ get a boost from the green transition in China and provide cooperation opportunities for EU cities
    and regions in China.


    The webinar is organized as a part of the IURC China thematic cluster working session, aiming to share how
    cities and regions achieve green and digital transformation in technology, industry and innovation, and
    discuss how EU-China cooperation can help them to reach the goals.



    Through deep multilateral discussion, this thematic webinar seeks to showcase challenges and solutions of
    technology, industry and digital Economy in enhancing green development, social inclusion and innovation
    in IURC pilot cities & regions and offer them a framework to:

    1. Share perspectives, policy initiatives, and best practices
    2. Identify potential common projects and relevant stakeholders to address the transition to a green
    and digital economy.



    This webinar will take place among:

    1) stakeholders from IURC China pilot cities and regions in the thematic group of Technologies 4.0,
    Industry 5.0 & innovation;
    2) invited participants from IURC global community.