IURC-China Thematic Webinar: Urban Planning on Innovation District


    2021-07-23 15:00 - 17:00
IURC China


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Leveraging distinctive economic, physical, and leadership assets to grow and cultivate, innovation districts have been emerging in dozens of cities and metropolitan areas globally and helping transform distinct urban geographies into thriving boosters for sustainable development.

Introduced by the city of Barcelona in 2000, the 22@district is a new strategy enabling the connection between the local and international communities by providing better integration and increasing the productivity of both communities. Today, this district is seen as the inspiration by more than 80 innovation areas around the world.

As China is shifting from its manufacturing-driven economy to technology and innovation-driven economy, innovation districts can be a new model of urban planning and development that experts from Europe and China can work together to explore and experiment.



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