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  • 10:00 -19:00

    The online Capacity Building on Regenerative Design by ACCIONA, organised by the IURC Central Coordination Services in coordination with the Geographical Areas in two sessions (morning for Asia & Australasia and China; afternoon for Latin America and North America) aimed to support our worldwide pairings and clusters to path the way of their ongoing projects during the last year of the programme. The training was conducted on March 7th 2023 and welcomed more than 75 participants from all around the globe.


    During the first part of the session, Sustainable and Urban experts shared some valuable insights for regenerative design, establishing linkages with the European Commission’s new framework and initiatives as the “New European Bauhaus” (to make tangible the Green Deal). Afterwards, some of the IURC’s parings shared their joint projects with a focus on their financial challenges (NCI-Bologna / Yangzhou; Rotterdam / Surat; Sofia / Sejong; Essen / Fortaleza; Aurora / Bergamo / Rimini; and Silesia / Parana) and received some tips for project financing from an operational perspective.


    A final interactive session, through ACCIONA’s RESILIENCE tool, showed how the decision-making process can be accelerated considering common challenges and lessons learned from previous experiences, establishing interesting links between the most common issues as multilevel governance, the importance of the context, innovative technologies or public-private models.


    Download the training material here


    Watch the recordings here


    ACCIONA is an international reference as a designer of regenerative infrastructures shifting to a more long-term of imagining, nurturing and stewarding places creating multi-dimensional benefits for all (social, environmental and economic). The company has been carbon-neutral since 2016 and integrates its culture of sustainability, and now of regenerative design, across all its projects and solutions as accelerators contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


  • 09:00 -18:00

    Cities Forum 2023: 16-17 March in Torino, Italy

    The 5th edition of Cities Forum will be held in Torino, Italy from 16 to 17 March 2023. The event brings together key urban stakeholders at European, national, regional and local levels who are committed to a green and just future of cities.

    IURC will have a parallel session on the 17 March from 16.00-17:30 ‘Coming out of the European Box: international cooperation to inspire Sustainable Urban Transformation’ – don’t miss it!

    The Cities Forum is a biennial event of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy. For this edition, our host is Torino, a city with a vast history in urban transformation due to its transition from factory town to a city of knowledge, culture and innovation.

    The Cities Forum 2023 will offer high-level debates, participatory sessions and interactive workshops on cohesion and recovery in cities. It will provide participants with a unique opportunity to network and discuss the recent developments of various EU initiatives and policies as well as to explore our host city through several site visits. Make sure to review the programme section for a detailed description of each session.

    Together for green and just cities

    Even though implementing EU Cohesion Policy for the 2021-2027 period is still in the early stages, Europe’s cities find themselves in unprecedented times. New challenges arise along with the green and digital transition. Several crises from the pandemic to the war in Ukraine and food and energy insecurity are changing the way citizens live.

    In these demanding times, support, dialogue, and cooperation are more important than ever to continue our sustainable urban development efforts so no place is left behind.

    Cities Forum 2023 is the place and moment to discuss the urban dimension of Cohesion Policy for 2021-2027, namely how our main investment policy can help cities advance by financing sustainable urban development. A key moment of the event will be the presentation of new EU level initiatives created to support cities. The 5th edition of the Cities Forum will host the official launch of the European Urban Initiative (EUI) and its first EU level capacity building event.

    The forum will put a spotlight on the recent developments under the key policies and initiatives which engage cities such: as the Urban Agenda for the EU, the EU Mission for 100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities and explore how the New European Bauhaus can be used to make a difference in local development. As place-based approaches are at the core of Cohesion Policy, we aim to underline the role of small- and medium-sized cities and functional territories in developing tailor-made solutions for local challenges.

    Following the theme of this year’s edition, the event will focus on the role of cities in implementing the European Green Deal and the importance of strategic approaches to address the needs for climate adaptation and environmental protection.

    The 5th edition of the Cities Forum will provide an opportunity to strengthen the core EU objective of social inclusion by bringing forward measures for welcoming people with a migrant background and for their inclusion at a local level, including but not limited to the consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In our efforts to achieve the objective of leaving no one behind, the exchange on effective practices for the socio-economic inclusion of marginalised groups at the local level and preventing and combatting segregation will continue during the forum.

    Join in Torino on 16-17 March 2023 to discover what’s next in sustainable urban development.



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一月, 31st

  • 线上研讨会

十月, 28th

  背景   城市更新在中国和欧盟都已成为满足居民对城市空间和设施日益增长需求的主要方式。城市更新避免了对现有建筑的大规模拆除,也能最大程度...
  背景   城市更...
  • 线上研讨会

十月, 26th

  背景   全球约有 57%的人口生活在城市,这些地区贡献了全球 80%的GDP。城市发展在促进创新上发挥了 重要作用,也带来了巨大的社会、经济以及...
  背景   全球约有 57%...
  • 线上研讨会

九月, 15th

背景   欧盟和中国都处在绿色、循环、数字经济的转型期。新技术的出现和应用、人口结构的变化改变了我们的生活和工作方式。新的工作岗位出现,原有的工作岗位...
背景   欧盟和中国都处在绿色...
  • 线上研讨会

六月, 23rd

背景 中国和欧盟在农业领域都面临着三大挑战。一是粮食安全:欧盟是全球粮食生态系统的一部分,中国也承担着用全球9%的可耕地面积养活世界22%人口的艰巨任务。二是环...
背景 中国和欧盟在农业领域都面临着三大挑...
  • 线上研讨会

六月, 2nd

背景 在过去二十年里,区域创新发展政策在世界各地得到了广泛的讨论和实施。国家和地方政府必须发展一个强大的创新生态系统,并对社会日益增长的挑战作出反应。知识和创新...
背景 在过去二十年里,区域创新发展政策在...
  • 线上研讨会

四月, 29th

会议背景 技术与创新是实现工业革命和社会迭代的重要动力,也是解决和应对全球性突发危机的首要手段。新冠疫情给全球社会经济带来的巨大的冲击,促使世界从各种角度寻求保...
会议背景 技术与创新是实现工业革命和社会...
  • 培训

四月, 13th

会议背景   近年来,中国在促进可持续发展方面做出了重大努力,并加快运用环境友好技术。2016年至2020年,中国加倍了对清洁能源研究的投入,大力推进...
会议背景   近年来,中国在促...
  • 线上研讨会

三月, 25th

会议背景   世界各国高度重视制定战略和行动来优化基础设施和资源管理,以应对资源枯竭、气候变化和生态系统退化的挑战。 基于自然的解决方案(Nature...
会议背景   世界各国高度重视...
  • 线上研讨会

三月, 4th

背景   旅游业是欧盟和中国许多城市和区域的主要经济支柱产业之一,具有创造就业机会的高潜力。它是公共收入和当地社区,包括当地居民和中小企业的主要来源之...
背景   旅游业是欧盟和中国许...


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