The future of Latin American food markets

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What is the future of food markets? Though many large wholesale food markets have been moved to the peripheries of our cities over the years, those that remain in urban environments continue to be highly valued by their communities. This can be because of the fresh, cheap food and the social ties between vendors and customers. We invite you to three webinars and an innovative urban challenge, to be complemented by a documentary and a podcast series to discuss the future of food markets as key actors to build more resilient cities and urban-rural linkages.

Specific objectives include:

  • To discuss the role of markets in urban-rural linkages.
  • To build a set of health indicators connected to food markets.
  • To strategize and systematise the use of digital and innovative methods to serve vendors and consumers.
  • To create a mentorship program for cities.

Local, regional and national government officials are welcome to join, as wells as local NGOs and executing agencies.

The three webinars, organised by the Inter-American Development Bank  (CSD/HUD, IDB Cities Lab, IDB Cities Network) International Urban and Regional Cooperation Program of the European Commission (IURC) will happen on Zoom through the month of October and will be available in English and Spanish.

The first webinar on ‘The Role of Food Markets in Cities’ will cover proximity; human interaction; “dinning-in markets”; markets vs supermarkets; and the neighbourhood structural element. The second, ‘Food markets to strengthen urban-rural linkages’, will cover food policy; urban-rural linkages; healthy food; and logistics. The third and final webinar, ‘Smart urban food systems: the role of innovation’, will cover smart cities; circular economy; consumer/producer relationships; food markets management; and new post-COVID habits.

Each webinar will feature lively discussion, presentations from cities in the EU and Latin America, as well as input from other experts. Stay on the lookout on this website and our social media for dates, full programme and registration.