6th International Climate Change Adaptation Conference

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As part of the session on “Ambition in Adaptation and Role of Partnerships in Global South” at the 6th International Climate Change Adaptation Conference, a number of experts across the world focused on how to build partnerships/initiatives/alliances on climate change adaptation. From IURC Asia Australasia, Dr. Panagiotis Karamanos, Urban Development Expert, talked about the importance of stakeholder commitment, establishment of an anchor project/initiative, and the need for continuity as key factors for successful partnerships.

He further elaborated on the role of IURC as a partnership instrument in India providing examples from Surat, Rotterdam, Panaji, Dubrovnik and the State of Gujarat. He also talked about the challenges that can hamper cooperation, such as the lack of data. Regarding capacity building, Panagiotis introduced the example of the recent launch of the e-certificate course on Mainstreaming Urban Climate Action as a way to improve the capacity of city officials regarding climate change.