2nd Round of EU-Malaysia Cities’ Bilateral Exchanges

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For the second time since the kick-off meeting, Malaysian and Portuguese pilot cities representatives met online and agreed on cooperation areas, possible pilot actions and possible schedules for the study visits. Three bilateral encounters were organised online:

  • EIXO Atlántico and George Town (Penang State)
  • Maia Municipality + Maiambiente and Seberang Perai (Penang State)
  • Vila Nova de Famalicão and Seberang Perai (Penang State)

At the events, representatives exchanged concept notes for pilot actions and discussed innovative solutions to waste management through circular economy initiatives. Representatives from Eixo Atlántico, which is one of the EU’s pioneer cross-border regions, expressed their interest to cooperate in strategic planning approaches to different sectors like waste management, urban mobility and urban agenda. Experts discussed these areas from the sustainability, digitalisation and economic development perspectives.

This second follow-up meeting series will be complemented tomorrow 24.11.2021 by an encounter between experts from Bologna / NCI in Italy and Malacca City in Malaysia.

The first missions of European cities to Malaysia are scheduled for February and March 2022.

For further details, please contact jchang@iurc.eu.

By Pablo Gandara