IURC-China Pilot Cities Won Awards in Yangzhou International Horticultural Expo!

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Awards of Outdoor International Gardens

Rome, Nuovo Circondario Imolese of Bologna, and Barcelona, who participated in the Yangzhou IHE last year, have won respectively the Golden, Silver and Bronze awards for Outdoor International Gardens. Whereas Stuttgart received Certificate of Honour for its participation in the International Pavilion.

Rome, NCI of Bologna and Barcelona’s Award Certificates

Stuttgart’s Award of Honour

The Yangzhou International Horticultural Exposition was held between April and October 2021. With the support of IURC China, the aforementioned cities designed their gardens, showing good practices in smart sustainable buildings, vertical green, urban agriculture, and green urban spaces, as well as sharing cultural and design heritages.

The Award-winning Gardens of Rome, NCI of Bologna and Barcelona as well as Stuttgart’s booth

What is more, the City of Rome is particularly acknowledged for her contribution on cultural exchange, with a photo exhibition and a hybrid tourism promotion event in the pavilion. These charming gardens were informative and inspiring for the 2.1 million visitors coming all over China.

Rome’s Cultural Exchange Award

Events in Rome’s Pavilion

IURC China will continue supporting the cooperation between European and Chinese partners in sustainability and cultural exchange.