Zoom-in Europe (I): Regional Innovation & Smart Sustainable Specialisation Strategies in the EU

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IURC-China successfully organized the first “Zoom-in Europe” online training session “Regional Innovation in the EU”, on Thursday 02 June 2022.

The online training session aims to bring together urban and regional stakeholders to understand the design and implementation process of the European Regional Innovation policies. Mr. Amadeo Jensana, the Cluster Manager of IURC China on Regional Innovation, gave a speech and helped the Chinese cities and regions to deepen the understanding of the social, economic and policy context of European regional innovation and transfer the knowledge to the EU-China city and regional cooperation.

Mr. Amadeo Jensana first introduced the different approaches toward the governance of innovation across Europe and the classification levels of the EU regions. He highlighted the EU policy framework and funding incentives. The constant reviewed Regional Innovation Scoreboard (RIS) presents the leaders and followers of the innovation performance. Then he gave an overview of the design and implementation of Smart Specialisation Strategies in the regional innovation ecosystem, with two concrete examples from Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy and the Basque country in northern Spain.

The Zoom-in session built the discussion on the evidence-based process, underlining the stakeholders’ engagement and potential cooperation areas within the framework of the IURC-China.

This Zoom-in session was the first of a series of training sessions planned by the IURC-China on key issues targeting the political, social, economic and environmental development in the EU.


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