Watch IURC-LA webinar #8: “Urban Commons, Experiences from Naples, São Paulo, and Manaus”

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Webinar "Urban Commons: Experiences from Naples, São Paulo, and Manaus"

On October 28th, IURC Latin America held its 8th webinar about “Urban Commons”. The event brought together international experts from the municipalities of Naples (Italy) and Manaus (Brazil), the University of Salerno (Italy), as well as the Instituto Procomum (Brazil). The webinar started with an introduction of the management of commons in Naples, followed by a more detailed reflection on the nature and creation of commons. In a second time, Rodrigo Savazoni presented how commons can be build from different peripheries and contrasted the case of Brazil with Naples’. Finally, Claudemir Andrade shared examples of the regeneration of underused or unoccupied historic buildings in Manaus’ centre and the possibility to create new public spaces and community practices. The event thus provided a complete overview of the topic and discussed both opportunities and challenges of urban commons.

The webinar had a representation from 16 cities and 8 countries.

Follow this link to watch (or re-watch) the webinar video:

By Ramon Zamora