Watch webinar #9 on ‘Gender and Planning’

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On 21 November 2022, IURC Latin America held its ninth webinar on “Gender & Planning”. The event brought together international experts from Uruguay, Mexico and Sweden to discuss the role of planning in inclusive and/or exclusive dynamics.

The webinar began with the participation of Adriana Goni (Professor, Resilience and Sustainability Department, University of Uruguay) and Jimena Abraham (architect Coordinator of the Gender area at the Urban Planning Department Montevideo Council), who analysed the role of urban planning in the reproduction and deconstruction of gender inequalities, based on the experience of Montevideo (Uruguay). In the second part, Carina Arvizu (Director of Cities for Mexico and Colombia, WRI) presented case studies of Mexican cities, highlighting the intersection between gender and poverty, which tends to accentuate socio-spatial exclusion and limit the right to the city. Annika Dalen (Gender Equality Officer, Strategic Development, Umeå Municipality, Sweden) closed the webinar by sharing the experience of Umeå in gender inclusion through urban design interventions and initiatives to integrate women in public space. In conclusion, the panellists insisted on the importance of including women in urban planning in a comprehensive and cross-sectoral way, as a central element to transform our cities into more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous territories.

The webinar was attended by representatives from 15 cities and 8 countries.

Follow this link to watch (or re-watch) the webinar video:

By Ramon Zamora