Study Visit of Attica (Greece) in Colima (Mexico), Nov-Dec 2022

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Office of the General Secretary of State Government, Colima

As part of the cooperation activities between the regions of Attica (Greece) and Colima (Mexico), two officials from the Innovation Center of Attica Region carried out a 3-day study visit in Colima from November 30th through December 2nd, 2022.

Both regions are cooperating to explore opportunities to position tourism as an economic engine in a post-covid context. Through the implementation of digital transition technologies, environmental responsibility policies, and preservation of cultural heritage, both regions promote tourism as a critical sector to disseminate economic opportunities regionally and increase social development with a sustainable approach.

In this sense, the Greek delegation of Attica had the opportunity to meet different entities from Colima’s State Government and key actors linked to the development of tourism and sea activities, such as Manzanillo’s Port Authority or ASIPONA Manzanillo, and the faculty of tourism of the University of Colima. The delegation of Attica also visited different cities in the region of Colima, such as the capital Colima, Comala and Manzanillo, which is one the most important ports of Mexico.

Both regional delegates have been very active during the study visit, and some opportunities for cooperation have been identified, including the following topics: blue economy and sustainable tourism in the post-covid era.

Strategic reflection sesión

Strategic reflection sesión

Manzanillo Port

Manzanillo Port

Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo University Museum, Comala

University of Colima –
Faculty of Tourism

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Author: Unai Izquierdo
December 14, 2022

By Ramon Zamora