“Todos al parque”: Barranquilla’s urban transformation initiative wins WRI Ross Center for Cities Award

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IURC Latin America wishes congratulations to Barranquilla for winning the WRI Ross Cities Award. The city is currently part of a thematic cluster network formed by Cali (Colombia), Malaga (Spain), and Anci Lazio (Italy), collaborating on issues of urban agriculture and social  inclusion. Barranquilla also hosted a regional event of the IURC-LA programme on Nature-Based Solutions and Urban Regeneration, which took place in October 2022. Its strong commitment to sustainable and inclusive urbanism issues has been recognised by the network, to which it actively contributes through the exchange of knowledge and best practices. Congratulations Barranquilla!

In 2011, Barranquilla launched the “Todos al Parque” programme with the objective of restoring public spaces through an equitable process of citizen participation by designing parks taking into account the needs of residents.

Since then, the programme has achieved that today, in Barranquilla, 93% of residents have a park within 800 meters of distance from their homes. With the creation of these public spaces, economic development, environmental sustainability and security are promoted, as well as better physical and mental health for citizens, replacing the decline and insecurity represented by abandoned spaces before their recovery.

This is why Barranquilla was the only Latin American finalist, and amongst 260 projects submitted, “Todos al parque” was the winner of the WRI Ross Cities Award. It was recognised as the most sustainable and innovative urban transformation project, and was awarded a fund of US$250,000 to continue investing in projects with social impact.

For more information you can consult: https://prizeforcities.org/project/todos-al-parque

By Ramon Zamora