Bangkok and Milan report progress on food policy activities

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On 2 February, Bangkok and Milan had their 3rd technical meeting, where both cities provided updates on the activities they had implemented. On the Bangkok side, which has now formed a working group to deal with its food policy and ecosystem, four main topics were presented: urban agriculture, the school lunch programme, food bank and food waste. In addition, the working group also proposed a District Food Management Sandbox, in which three districts in Bangkok will work together to manage their food ecosystem with a circular approach.

Meanwhile, Milan reported the outcomes of the MUFPP & IURC food policy training in 2022 and provided feedback on Bangkok’s food policy practices and project inventory. According to the current data, Bangkok has implemented policies in most of the six categories of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact. This data will serve as a foundation for the city to develop its food strategy, which is one of the pilot actions planned for their cooperation.

As of now, a study visit from Bangkok to Milan is being planned for late May. The programme will include visiting Milan’s urban farms and observing the city’s school canteen and food waste programmes.


Thai translation of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact: Milan-Urban-Food-Policy-Pact-TH.pdf (