Becoming the Gaming Industry Hub: Sisak Moslavina County and Chongqing Establish Cooperation for the Digital Economy

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On May 19th, 2023, the IURC-China working session between delegates from Sisak Moslavina County and Chongqing was held for cooperation to enhance regional competitiveness through developing the gaming industry.

Representatives from the Sisak – Moslavina County gave an overview of how the region achieved regeneration through the PISMO project and has become a video gaming hub of the Balkans.

Sisak Moslavina County was historically one of the primary industrial regions. To conduct a climate-friendly transformation of the region´s economy development, an initiative called “Sisak Moslavina County – A Center of Gaming Industry” started in 2016. One of the main activities of the initiative is education to create experts in the field of gaming industry that will strengthen the entrepreneurial sector by exporting its own products and services. The initiative is based on six levels (steps) that include free educational workshops, performing video game development workshops in all elementary and secondary schools in SMC, transformation of old buildings to a Business Incubator PISMO, introduction of a new four-year program in vocational schools – „Video game developer“, providing financial support for start-ups in the field of video game development and establishment of a gaming campus.

The business incubator PISMO is intended for game development industry. As part of an EU-funded project, two buildings with a total of 20 offices, co-working space and conference halls were renovated, and equipment intended for gaming industry was installed.

An ongoing gaming campus development will consist of a faculty, student dormitory, business incubator for eSports with 3,000 seats and gaming industry accelerator. It will foster the region´s ambition to become a video gaming hub of the Balkans.

Sisak Moslavina County emphasized its interest in collaborating with private companies and implementing Train-the-Trainer programs. They presented suggestions for potential cooperation, including but not limited to:

  • knowledge and experience exchange in gaming, XR, AI, and blockchain;
  • student exchange programs and internships in Croatia and China;
  • exchange of lecturers to participate in each other’s education models;
  • networking opportunities for game development companies;
  • jointly participation in events like the Global Game Jam.

The representatives from the Chongqing introduced the development of Chongqing Zhongxian e-sport town. Prioritizing ecological conservation and green development, Zhongxian (Chongqing) has aligned with the national and municipal policies to develop the digital economy and big data industry, planning the construction of an Eesports town to vitalise the local economy. This innovative initiative has marked “Zhongxian E-sports” as a fresh engine for economic growth. The e-sports industry, an emergent and environmentally-friendly sector in the digital age, signifies a new driving force of the digital economy.

The Zhongxian E-sports Town, an new hub for esports in China, was planned with a digital industrial park and an e-sports town. The plan features an e-sports hall, symbolizing the town’s new economic strength. The town’s development plan, industrial ecology, policy and financial incentives align with the strategic emphasis on ecological conservation, green development, digitalization, and industrial transformation, making Zhongxian e-sport town a dynamic source of economic growth.

The Q&A and discussion session focused on identifying key areas of cooperation and discussing feasible joint actions to strengthen collaboration between Sisak Moslavina County and Chongqing.

Facilitated by the IURC-China team, Sisak Moslavina County and Chongqing identified potential cooperation in:

  • Establishing a gaming industry exchange platform through regular communication meetings and seminars.
  • Collaborating on game industry education and training, including joint programs for primary, secondary schools and universities.
  • Cooperating on e-games and e-sport events, such as hosting SMC in Chongqing´s international gaming events and vice versa.
  • Jointly operating gaming industry incubators and accelerators, offering support and services for the internationalization of SMEs.
  • Mutual support for exchange visits of faculties, students and interns, and joint financial incentives for start-ups.

The working session between Sisak Moslavina County and Chongqing successfully facilitated the exchange of ideas and initiatives in the gaming industry and e-sport development. Concrete cooperation was identified, establishing a solid foundation for joint actions.