Watch IURC-LA participation highlights in Urban Future 23

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During the past June 20th-23rd, Stuttgart hosted the prestigious Urban Future conference 2023, Europe’s largest event dedicated to sustainability in cities. 24 delegates from the IURC Latin America programme came together with urban leaders, policymakers, and innovators from around the world to discuss and shape the future of sustainable urban development. The conference provided a unique platform for networking and collaboration, enabling 24 delegates from 11 different countries to connect with fellow city changers and exchange ideas.

Barranquilla (Colombia) and Fortaleza (Brazil) were honoured as panellists in high-level sessions at Urban Future 2023, where their representatives shared valuable experiences and best practices on urban renewal and sustainable urban development. This recognition highlighted the exceptional work being done in these cities and the broader impact of the IURC Latin America programme.

Over the course of three days, the IURC Latin America delegates took full advantage of the extensive networking opportunities and engaged in over 100 sessions, workshops, seminars, and field trips. These sessions covered a wide range of topics, including urban sustainability, mobility, energy, and digitalization, providing delegates with valuable insights and inspiration. In addition to attending Urban Future 2023, the IURC Latin America programme organized side events focused on urban regeneration, social inclusion, and sustainable urban development. Delegates participated in peer-to-peer thematic working groups, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among cities and regions. Some delegates also had the opportunity to take part in the Cities for Mobility 10th International Congress, further enriching their understanding of sustainable mobility solutions.

The IURC Latin America delegates returned home equipped with a fresh perspective on transforming cities into greener and more inclusive environments. The conference’s networking opportunities, knowledge exchange, and collaboration have paved the way for the implementation of innovative solutions and best practices in cities across the region. The IURC Latin America programme continues to champion sustainable urban development, leveraging the power of international cooperation and knowledge sharing to create resilient and vibrant cities that meet the needs of their citizens while protecting the environment.

You can watch some highlights about IURC Latin America’s participation in the Urban Future Conference 2023 by watching the following video:



By Ramon Zamora