Call for Companies to enter the Joint Open Innovation Online Pitches on New Energy Technologies and/or Hydrogen

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Companies (large, middle-sized or SME) from our IURC partner cities of Essen (Germany), Grenoble-Alpes Metropole (France), Toyota or Koriyama (Japan), looking for solutions on new energy technologies and/or hydrogen to address climate change challenges, are eligible to participate in the Joint Open Innovation Online Pitches.

Participants will benefit by being connected to 4 innovative energy ecosystems of the partner cities. You can meet with SMEs and start-ups from these cities to discover new solutions and new energy technologies, and partners will help you follow up with your solution providers, helping you develop your new business together.

You will become part of an international network of companies from the 4 ecosystems, while we identify solutions for you in the other cities’ ecosystems, and organize online meetings between you and the start-ups and SMEs.

Areas of involvement can be, for example: generation of electricity from renewable energy sources and acceptance into the electricity grid, energy conversion and storage, embedded cyber security for energy systems, multi-energy microgrid system, making mobility carbon neutral or improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

This programme is a result of a defined urban cooperative action plan (UCAP) to tackle ecological transition issues, while supporting the development of their respective innovative carbon-neutral ecosystemms. Within this framework, the four municipalities are willing to take a step forward towards the ecological transition by mobilizing their respective ecosystems, large companies, start-ups and SMEs, and help them accelerate the deployment of new solutions.

Deadline for submission is July 31, 2023. See attached flyer for more information, including contacts from the 4 partner cities. The pitch sessions will take place in November.