The regions of North West (Romania) and Mendoza (Argentina) signed an important Memorandum of Understanding to continue their cooperation

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Within the framework of IURC Latin America, the regions of North-West (Romania) and Mendoza (Argentina) had been cooperating on the improvement of regional innovation strategies, which have concluded in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the North-West Regional Development Agency (Romania) and the Government of Mendoza (Argentina). The MoU was legalized through an apostille on September 15th, 2023.

The purpose of the MoU is to intensify the relationship between the two regions, promote economic development and continue the exchange of information and knowledge in the areas of creative industries and tourism promotion, which began in IURC Latin America. In particular, the MoU will promote:

  1. Establishment of cooperation activities between universities, via Erasmus programmes or similar approaches for the exchange of students and researchers.
  2. Capacity building in the Film sector and other CCIs (creative and cultural industries), including training for new professional profiles and commercial activities.
  3. Exchange of best practices on Tourism and definition of new approaches to foster sustainable and innovative tourism.
  4. Definition of challenges and a strategy to solve them, regarding the Food and Beverage value chains.
  5. Promotion of 3-party projects involving 1 academic entity, 1 company and 1 public company.
  6. Generation of networking spaces for local entrepreneurs to find possible points of cooperation and improve their commercial reach.

In this way, both regions are strengthening ties to extend this cooperation over time and continue the exchange of best practices, also promoting the implementation of joint projects thanks for IURC.

By Ramon Zamora