Transforming Urban Public Space: Addressing Climate Change, Accessibility, and Social Inclusion

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Among the more problematic effects climate change imposes on urban planners are the challenges of creating and re-purposing public spaces that mitigate urban heat islands and alleviate threats from intense rain events and flooding while positively impacting communities. On October 18th, 2023, Boston, Barcelona Metropolitan Area, and Northern Virginia Regional Commission presented three different projects:


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– The Moakley Park Vision Plan, presented by the City of Boston, transforms one of its largest waterfront open spaces from a largely single-use recreational facility into a resilient and multi-functional community park. The project includes coastal resilient infrastructure, innovative stormwater management strategies, and biodiverse planting.

– The Avinguda del Vallès in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area; an integrated action plan fostering public transport and active mobility, reducing externalities and social segregation, and unlocking opportunities for urban regeneration.

– Crystal City in Arlington County. The recently developed Amazon Headquarters has a ripple effect of redevelopment through a new plan that removes hard boundaries between business and the surrounding community, between built structures and nature.