International Urban and Regional Cooperation Latin America (IURC-LA) Programme Concludes Webinar Series with Insights on Sustainable Urban Development

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The IURC-LA Programme is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of its webinar series with the event, “IURC Latin America: Final Lessons from the City-to-City Cooperation,” held on Thursday, December 7th. The primary objective was to reflect on pivotal lessons from the IURC Latin America City-to-City cooperation and share best practices related to sustainable urban development. You can watch the recording of the webinar HERE

Alberto Ruiz from Málaga presented the city’s collaboration with Cali, Barranquilla, and Rome, emphasizing urban renewal strategies and urban agriculture. Key lessons encompassed the significance of long-term planning, embracing positive externalities, involving communities from the start, and enhancing technical capacities. IURC-LA played a pivotal role in addressing common urban development challenges, fostering lasting partnerships. Ongoing projects include urban agriculture initiatives, a green infrastructure network, and cultural districts.

Aline Goncalves discussed Sao Paulo’s collaboration with Milan, highlighting urban regeneration in strategic sites. Lessons learned emphasized mixed-use development, community engagement, and cultural heritage preservation. The collaboration yielded case studies, urban regeneration guidelines, and strengthened connections with other cities during international networking events. Sao Paulo and Milan plan to continue knowledge exchange and implement best practices, notably through the Bras Area regeneration plan pilot project.

Pablo Yañez shared Puerto Montt’s collaboration with Piraeus, focusing on the blue economy and Nature Based Solutions (NBS). Lessons explored public health, participatory planning, and sustainable tourism, emphasizing blue economy governance, innovation, and stakeholder engagement. Ongoing initiatives include improving a seafront promenade, university collaborations, and promoting blue growth.

Annika Dalen discussed the collaboration between Punta Arenas and Umea, emphasizing gender equity, carbon neutrality, and citizen participation. Key lessons included thinking outside the box, expecting the unexpected, and setting specific cooperation objectives. The collaboration resulted in a broadened understanding of different contexts and the establishment of new strategic alliances.

Panellists provided valuable insights into the uniqueness of the IURC Latin America programme, underscoring its role in developing inputs and guidelines for the creation of new projects. They also expressed appreciation for the programme’s facilitation of cross-departmental collaboration and networking opportunities.


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By Ramon Zamora