Sisak Moslavina County and Zhongxian (Chongqing) Partnership in the Gaming Industry

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The cooperation meeting on the partnership in the Gaming Industry and Jobs & Skills between Sisak Moslavina County (SMC) and Zhongxian (Chongqing) was held on 10th Jan. 2024. This is part of a series of meetings facilitating the establishment of a joint gaming industry platform. The initiative focuses on enhancing education and training related to gaming, organizing e-games and e-sport events, operating gaming incubators, and facilitating cultural exchanges. It presents the shared commitment to not only develop the gaming industry but also to foster sustainable development and green growth.
Key representatives from Sisak Moslavina County (SMC) and Zhongxian (Chongqing) discussed and reached a consensus on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and cooperation action plans, focusing on talent exchange, joint promotion of new gaming products, incubation of SMEs, and organizing joint events. The MoU will be jointly signed in the upcoming EU-China High-level Seminar on Regional Policy Cooperation in China. Both sides discussed cooperation on the upcoming events, cooperative projects, and the sharing of best practices and knowledge between the two regions, aiming to establish a long-term mechanism for cooperation and direct communication to ensure regular updates, project coordination, and information exchange in focused sectors like gaming, e-sports, and green technologies.
The Working Session consolidated synergies and partnerships between the Sisak Moslavina County (SMC) and Zhongxian (Chongqing) cooperation, with Sisak Moslavina County launching the “Sisak Moslavina County – A Center of Gaming Industry” project to transform the industry and Zhongxian (Chongqing) developing an E-sports Town as a new economic catalyst. The cooperation highlights the mutual commitment to sustainable and low-carbon industries through knowledge exchange and joint projects.