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IURC’s final publication is packed with exciting case studies from our city pairings across the globe. You can also learn about our contributions to the SDGs, New Urban Agenda, and more.

Read the final publication now:

The case studies in the IURC programme condense knowledge shared among cities and regions to spread and use their best practices effectively. These case studies are categoriesd into three thematic networks that are subdivided into clusters to address specific issues in sustainable urban development.

This structure enables IURC to drive focused, practical changes by addressing the diverse challenges faced by urban and regional entities. In this publication, 30 chosen case studies spotlight well-developed actions and pilots included in cities’ and regions’ cooperation action plans.

These and more resources featured in the IURC Knowledge Library through various formats such as webinars, reports, and factsheets, contribute to enhancing the programme’s capacity to drive meaningful transformation in urban and regional contexts.