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February 26 - March 04
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    Placemaking and Tactical Urbanism in Public Spaces

    08:00 -09:30

    This thematic cluster webinar is a part of International Urban and Regional Cooperation (IURC) Asia & Australasia, which aims to further urban and regional cooperation in the fields of sustainable urban development and innovation between EU and non-EU cities. The activity is in addition to the ongoing bilateral discussions among pilot cities. Within the IURC thematic network n°2 “Urban and Regional Renewal”, this webinar will narrow in on Tactical Urbanism in Public Spaces.


    Over the past decade, the concept of tactical urbanism (also known as “urban prototyping”) has gained strong pace in many cities around the globe. Pedestrian plazas, pop-up bike lanes, pop-up parks and innovative playgrounds are just some of the examples developed by city authorities and civil society to improve the liveability of their cities. Actions are piloted in the short term to test functionality and achieve people’s acceptance for long-term solutions.


    Through interactive deep discussion on an international level, this thematic webinar aims to showcase challenges faced and solutions implemented in IURC pilot cities. The exchange may inspire other pilot cities to capitalize from these experiences and transfer knowledge to their own circumstances. The activity will strengthen the regional/global approach of the IURC programme. It will:

    1. Foster cooperation between EU and non-EU cities interested in sharing experiences on the development of tactical urbanism.
    2. Identify potential pilot areas and stakeholders to explore cross-country actions at city level.


    The programme will be introduced by the European Union Delegation to New Zealand and will showcase examples from two European and two non-European cities working in the IURC programme.


    Time CET / NZSTProgramme
    08:00/20:00Logging on and welcome, introduction to the topic and why it matters for IURC (Moderator)

    Welcome by Kevin O’Connell, Deputy Head, EU Delegation to New Zealand

    08:10/20:10City case studies (each 10-15 minutes):

    1. Christchurch, Dr Ryan Reynolds, Director of Gap Filler
    2. Brisbane, Rebecca Arnaud, Legacy and Precinct Panning Manager, Brisbane City Council
    3. Bangkok, Prapan Napawongdee, Founding Director of Shma Company Limited
    4. Rotterdam, Maurits Lopes Cardozo, Bike-minded Design Consulting B.V.  Co-Design and Strategic Innovation for Bicycle Mobility


    Q&A and comment on the case studies


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