IURC China Thematic Webinar: Nature-Based Solutions for Circular Cities and Regions


    2022-03-25 09:00 - 11:00

    2022-03-25 16:00 - 18:00
IURC China



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2022-03-25 09:00 - 11:00



Strategies and actions are needed worldwide to optimize the infrastructure and resource management to confront the challenges of resource depletion, climate change and degradation of ecosystems.  Nature-based solutions (NBS) and circular economy (CE) can provide tools for this transition. Implementation of NBS, combined with the concept of the circular economy benefits the ecosystem services and returns resources to the territory.  Blue-green infrastructure in smart cities, integrated water management, ICT etc. are considered as enabling tools for NBS in the circular economy (CE) linking to Sustainable Development Goals.


At the EU level and national level, NBS and CE are major parts of future developments in order to provide sustainable resources and ecosystems in urban and rural areas. The proven benefits of NBS and CE is shown in EU legislations, projects and action plans, e.g., The Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe (2011), The European Green Deal (2020), URBAN GreenUP (2017− 2022) and proGIreg (2018− 2023); The Chinese government initiated the “Sponge City Program” (2013) and adopted more than 30 pilot cities for green and blue infrastructure development. The Circular Economy Promotion Plan (NDRC, 2015) and Leading Actions on Circular Development (NDRC, 2016) enhance the CE implementation in urban, industry and agriculture development. Both the EU and China adopted the ambitious CE action plans, which encourage ‘closing the loop’ of product lifecycles through greater recycling and reuse, with significant environmental and economic benefits.


The webinar is organized as a part of the IURC China thematic cluster working session, aiming to share how cities and regions achieve green and digital transformation by NBS and CE approaches and discuss how EU-China cooperation can help them to reach the goals.

Source: F.Masi, A.Rizzo, M.Regelsberger (2018). The role of constructed wetlands in a new circular economy, resource oriented, and ecosystem services paradigm. Journal of Environmental Management.




Through deep multilateral discussion, this thematic webinar seeks to showcase challenges and solutions of Nature-Based Solutions and Circular Economy in enhancing economic development, social inclusion and innovation in IURC pilot cities & regions and offer them a framework to:


(1). Share perspectives, policy initiatives, and best practices in NBS and CE

(2). Identify potential common projects and relevant stakeholders to address the transition to a green and circular economy.




This webinar will take place among:


(1). stakeholders from IURC China pilot cities and regions in the thematic group of NBS and CE;

(2). invited participants from IURC global community.




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