Zoom-in China Series (4): Opportunities for the European Cities and Regions from China’s Green Transition


    2022-04-13 09:30 - 11:00
IURC China


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2022-04-13 09:30 - 11:00


In recent years, China has made significant efforts to promote sustainable development and environment-friendly technologies. From 2016 to 2020, the country doubled its investment in clean energy research, and strongly promoted a human-centred, smart approach of ‘new-type urbanisation’. In China, many industries and sectors are developing very rapidly, including digital technologies, green technologies for sustainable cities, green energy, smart transport and services, financial services, medical technologies, and elderly care.

In 2020, China finally pledged to reach carbon emissions by 2030 and to become carbon neutral by 2060. The process will inevitably result in further investment and opening-up in the green sector, thus presenting potential opportunities for EU businesses in China.



Synergized with EU SME Centre in China, this training session provides the participants with an overview of the key elements and main directions of China’s green transition efforts, particularly focusing on the areas of interest for EU businesses. It will also provide an overview of the main market entry strategies that the European business –in particular SMEs – can pursue in China, including associated risks.



IURC China & EU SME Centre in China


Target Participants

This training will be open to:

IURC-China participating cities & regions

IURC global community

EU representatives, business support organizations and SMEs






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