IURC Asia and Australasia team participates at Landing Event

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The IURC Asia and Australasia team participated in the “Landing Event” organised by the IURC Central Services. The event featured a video developed by the IURC regional team inviting EU cities to apply for cooperation with counterparts in one of the nine Asian and Australasian countries. As the second phase of the International Urban Cooperation programme (IUC) (2016-2020), IURC will lead and develop decentralised international urban and regional cooperation in sustainable urban development and innovation in key partner countries and regions in line with the external dimension of Europe 2020.

You may watch the video recording of the session here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReI7Q_c4AaM.

Applications are open! Flagge der Europäischen Union EU cities and regions. Time for your #city or #region to go #international! Apply now at iurc.eu/2021/04/13/app. Flagge von Australien Flagge von Indien Flagge von Indonesien Flagge von Japan Flagge von Malaysia Flagge von Südkorea Flagge von Thailand Flagge von Vietnam & Flagge von Neuseeland welcome you to work together on #sustainability and #innovation for the #future!


By Pablo Gandara