IURC project team welcomes Bandung to the IURC

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The IURC team met today with Bandung city authorities to discuss the cooperation focus. The meeting was attended by the Head of Bandung’s Food and Agriculture Division, Mr. Gin Gin Gin Ginanjar, who explained the city’s progress on developing sustainable urban food systems, including integrated farming solutions within the COVID-19 pandemics, promoting urban agriculture and short supply chains, as well as promoting cooperation with universities and NGOs. Bandung was awarded several awards within the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact for several pilot projects, including an integrated urban farming (Buruan SAE), a smart food solution (BADAMI), and an app for real-time food pricing (ARIMBI). Bandung aims at to become an example for other cities to develop sustainable food systems and encourages them to join policy action.

Within the IURC, Bandung will mainly cooperate with Rome.

By Pablo Gandara