The future of food markets

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In the context of the current COVID-19 crisis, food markets appear as an opportunity to foster new strategies to build more resilient cities. Food markets can contribute to provide healthier food options and improve citizens food habits. Moreover, they can improve connectivity for cities to their natural environment by creating urban-rural connections and help consumers, retailers, and vendors better connect with digital and innovative ways of doing business.

The IURC Central Coordination Service has been working closely with the Inter-American Development Bank’s City Network and our IURC Latin America colleagues to develop a documentary and a series of podcasts.

The webinar to present this initiative was followed by close to 300 persons from 37 countries last 25 October 2021.

The IURC cities of Madrid and Rotterdam presented their experiences while some of our cities and regions in IURC LA such as Piura (PE), Colima (Mx) and Bello Horizonte (BR) had the chance to participate in a targeted workshop to identify future project opportunities.

Madrid presentation

Rotterdam presentation