Ottawa Waste Management & Circular Economy Networking Event

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IURC NA, in partnership with the City of Ottawa and the EU-funded project Reducing Plastic Waste in Canada, held on June 2nd and 3rd, 2022, the Waste Management & Circular Economy Networking Event in Ottawa, Canada. Approximately 50 representatives from Spain, Poland, Italy, the USA, and Canada gathered to work on managing plastic at various levels of government level, developing strategies to enhance recycling, and generating energy from multiple sources of waste.

During the event, the delegates of the different cities presented challenges and successful examples for the designing, financing, and implementing Waste Management projects. They participated in discussions around by-laws, policies for waste reduction, and strategies to obtain clean energy from waste. Attendees also had the opportunity to visit ROPEC, the municipal facilities for wastewater collection and treatment.

A good exchange in working group; helped me understand what municipalities are struggling with, where they are being successful, and what they think the federal government can be doing.”

Participant from the Canada Federal Government

“The highlight of this two-day event was meeting others who care about the circular economy and listening to their ideas.”

Participant from the City of Ottawa

The event was full of opportunities to exchange knowledge, learn about new ways to deal efficiently with waste and, above all, to foster new connections among cities so we can support each other on our journey towards climate neutrality.

You may find the takeaways from the event below.