Bergamo Wins Urban Award 2022 for Cycling Projects and Infrastructure

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Bergamo has won the Urban Award 2022, the prize that the National Association of Italian Municipalities gives to the city that stands out for the best sustainable mobility projects. A first prize resulting from the many initiatives that the city has put in place in recent months to encourage the use of bicycles in the city, with ad hoc communication campaigns, concessions, new infrastructures, and substantial attention to issues related to sustainable mobility such as:

Pin Bike, an initiative that rewards those who ride a bicycle with mileage reimbursements of up to a 2 euros per day and 30 euros per month
BiGi, the new bike-sharing service (developed with NextBike), a new online portal
– A billboard campaign promoting the use of two wheels
BiCity, the new management model of the velo-station (bike station)
BikeBox, a solution that follows the installation of 80 new bike racks in the city

Also, Bergamo is working hard concerning bike lanes: the connections between Kilometro Rosso and the Colognola district, the cycle-pedestrian walkways that cross the ring road connecting Colognola to the San Tomaso de’ Calvi district and Borgo Palazzo with Celadina and Gorle.

All these initiatives have allowed Bergamo to triumph in the ANCI Urban Award, the most prestigious prize in the context of the Assembly of the National Association of Italian Municipalities and the plenary session program. The Mayor of Bergamo, Giorgio Gori, accepted the award in front of over 1200 Mayors and Administrators.

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