EU-Japan Region-to-Region Innovation Cooperation: Webinar on Food Tech in the EU and Japan

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It is not only in industrial manufacturing but also in the food sector that vigorous changes towards green transition are taking place. There is a growing focus on ‘food innovation’, or food tech, which encompasses the entire food value chains including agriculture, food production, distribution, food service, food preparation, retail and delivery, restaurants, and among others, people’s dietary habits and values.

Food is deeply rooted in local traditions and cultures, and food innovation is expected to promote local economies and tourism through the creation of new value in the region. Increasing the attractiveness of food using local ingredients will contribute to local employment through the promotion of tourism and local agriculture and preservation of local ecosystem. From this perspective, case studies of ‘food’ innovations in regions in Europe and Japan will be presented and discussed in this seminar to be held on 24 May (Wednesday) from 9:00-10:30 CEST.

Below, you will find an overview of the meeting agenda:

08:50-09:00 CEST                          Registration and Setting the Scene     

08:50-09:00 JST

Moderated by EU-Japan Region-to-Region Innovation Cooperation Helpdesk.

09:00–09:15 CEST                      Welcome and Opening                             

16:00-16:15 JST  

Meeting will begin with moderator’s recapturing of the opening address made by Jean-Eric Paquet, the Head of Delegation of the EU to Japan at the Webinar No.3 on 26 April and followed by keynote speech by an official from the European Commission and experts from EU regions and Japanese prefectures.

09:15– 09:45 CEST                      Keynote Speech on Regional Activities     

16:15-16:45 JST

Two keynote speeches will be provided from regional perspectives in the EU.

Keynote Speech 1: Expert from Val d’Oise, “Food Innovation in Paris Region” (tbc)

Keynote Speech 2Mr. Regelio Pozo, Managing Director of AZTI (a non-profit foundation (Technological Research Centre) in the Basque Country), “Food Innovation in Basque Country” (tbc)

09:45– 10:10 CEST          Snapshots of Related Activities in EU and Japanese Regions      16:45-17:10 JST

There will be presentation by EU regions and Japanese prefectures on their food innovation, or food tech.

  • Masaki Kamo, Director, Distribution and Strategy Division, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, “Kyoto Prefecture’s Initiatives on Food Tech”
  • Expert from Oita Prefecture (tbc)
  • Expert from EU Region 1
  • Expert from EU Region 2

10:10– 10:25 CEST                           Comments and Q&A                                              

17:10 -17:25 JST

Hidefumi Imura, Team Leader, EU-Japan Region-to-Region Innovation Project, will present related activities in Japan, followed by questions from the floor

10:25-10:30 CEST                            Quick Evaluation and Closing                               

17:25-17:30 JST

The webinar is restricted to regions and prefectures in the IURC programme but stay tuned for further updates including results of the webinar.

By Ivana Rae Almora