Stuttgart Urban Region and Taicang Join Efforts on Transit-Oriented Development and Green Infrastructure

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On June 15th, representatives from the Stuttgart Urban Region and Taicang (Suzhou) met in the follow-up working session to discuss collaborative actions within the framework of the IURC China on Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) and low-carbon urban areas.

Both parties agreed upon the MoU for a partnership focusing on green and low-carbon urban development through the integrated TOD approach, transforming Taicang High-tech Zone into a pioneering demonstration area for green and low-carbon development. Experts from Stuttgart Urban Region and Taicang will join efforts to find solutions for transit-oriented development, energy-efficiency and productive green city development. The partnership will also explore the development of entrepreneurship ecosystem to support green and innovative SMEs, together with other economic and cultural activities.

Under the partnership, 3 pilot projects have been identified: 18 Gang Road TOD project, an industrial district in Sino-German Zone Phase VI, and the Beihongqiao Sino-German Innovation Zone. Through knowledge-sharing events and technical support, both cities will jointly find solutions for low-carbon urban development through the TOD approach, smart technology, and nature-based solutions.

During the meeting, participants also discussed upcoming study visits and joint events, aiming for firsthand knowledge sharing and collaborative learning on urban development strategies.

The working session achieved fruitful discussions for future endeavours between the Stuttgart Urban Region and Taicang (Suzhou). The meeting underlined both cities´ commitment to sustainable urban development and highlighted the potential for collaborative learning in addressing common challenges and finding innovative solutions.