Innovative Local Economic Development

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Our webinar series on Education, Jobs, and Skills involve IURC-NA cities and key stakeholders in a peer-to-peer learning environment to discuss and share challenges and best practices to build long-term learning, networking, and working relationships.

This second session focused on Innovative Local Economic Development- Programmes and Strategies for Post Covid-19 Recovery. The session was moderated by Tricia Hackett, Senior Sustainable Urban Development Expert, and included presentations from:

• Valentina Ridolfi – Rimini, Italy
• Ben Seigel – Baltimore, USA
• Gil Carvalho – Braga, Portugal
• Alex Minnella – Aurora, USA
• Federico Morábito – Mendoza, Argentina


During the webinar, we learned about the different strategies the cities have employed to support local businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and how these plans and programs align with long-term objectives to boost the local economy.

These are the most important takeaways:

  1. Rimini’s Strategic Plan for City Transformation:
    • Post-WW2 development as a vacation spot for everyone.
    • A decade of development creating a model aligned with global tourism trends.
    • Current focus on constant innovation and reintroducing the destination to the world.
    • Based on a new vision, strategic areas, and scopes of development.
    • Medium to long-term horizon with continuous stakeholder participation.
    • Six strategic scopes include seaside tourism, urban attractiveness, innovation, territorial recompositing, urban mobility, and welfare.
  2. Competitive Adjustments and Investments in Rimini:
    • Analysis of weaknesses led to identifying a loss of brand value, which was addressed through the Strategic Plan.
    • Investments of 150 million euros to revitalize the historical city center and transform 300 hectares of waterfront with public and private funding.
  3. Post-Pandemic Tourism Revitalization in Rimini:
    • Task force created during the pandemic to rebrand and revitalize tourism.
    • Action Plan focuses on overcoming business fragmentation and creating the Villages of the Sea Park.
    • Three-step process involving “evangelization”, selection, and training to develop supply chains for entrepreneurial growth.
  4. Baltimore’s BASE Network Supporting Small Businesses:
    • Creation of BASE (Business Assistance and Support for Equity) to reach businesses not accessing recovery packages.
    • Strategic Plan includes a technical assistance network, partnerships, and financial assistance programs.
    • Implementation of a $25 million ARPA Economic Recovery Fund Program for small businesses.
    • Technical assistance and small business grants aimed at serving 7000 businesses in 2022-23.
  5. Thematic Cluster Presentations:
    • Invest Braga’s GATE project in Portugal assisted local businesses during COVID-19 with a digital platform and financial aid.
    • Aurora, USA, responded to real estate challenges with long-term urban planning, public-private partnerships, and infrastructure projects.
    • Mendoza, Argentina, focuses on post-pandemic sustainable economic development through the “Mendoza Activa” project supporting private investment, technology incorporation, and employment generation.

Download the presentations:

Presentation – Innovative Local Economic Development- Post Covid-19 Recovery – Rimini

Presentation – Innovative Local Economic Development- Post Covid-19 Recovery – Baltimore

Presentation – Innovative Local Economic Development- Post Covid-19 Recovery – Braga

Presentation – Innovative Local Economic Development- Post Covid-19 Recovery – Aurora

Presentation – Innovative Local Economic Development- Post Covid-19 Recovery – Mendoza