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Our webinar series, Renovation Wave, brings together a cohort of IURC cities and metropolitan areas in a peer-to-peer learning environment to discuss and share challenges and best practices related to the main topic as they build long-term learning, networking, and working relationship amongst the participants. These webinars build upon topics of interest emerging from the cooperation among cities and questions that arose during study visits in 2023. The lessons from these webinars will be further explored during our IURC NA Thematic Networking Event on Renovation Wave and Nature-Based Solutions that will take place in Mannheim, Germany, on September 18-20th, 2023. The series started in March 2023 and will end in 2023. You may find below the information regarding past sessions and register for the upcoming ones:

8th of March, 2023

Retrofitting Social Houses and Buildings


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This first online session of our Renovation Wave series featured Dan Dicaire, Manager of Energy and Sustainability, and Melissa Jort-Conway, Planner II in Climate Change and Resiliency, both from the City of Ottawa. They shared their role in the Race to Zero to eliminate Ottawa’s GHG emissions by 2040, including the retrofit strategy for OCH’s 15,000 units and several projects which hold the blueprints to eliminating GHG emissions from their entire portfolio. They talked about financing, long-term planning, and community partnerships, which are crucial for deploying and implementing these concepts.

We also heard from Paloma Bozman, Director of the Zaragoza (Spain) social housing department, who will add a European perspective to this kind of policies by sharing their experience promoting retrofit projects – both in the private and public sectors – as part of their local strategy towards Zero Emissions in 2030.

13th of September 2023- 10am ET / 16h CET

Retrofitting Social Housing: Getting Technical with Dan Dicaire