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The overall objective of IURC China Programme is to lead and develop urban and regional cooperation between the EU and China. The activities are twofold: sustainable urban development and innovation.

The Component 1 supports cities from both sides to develop approaches and implement solutions to common urban challenges.

And the Component 2 supports a limited number of Chinese and EU regions/provinces – to be understood as sub-national entities – to develop and implement innovation actions for regional and local development cooperation and investments on a mutual benefit basis.

“IUC Asia has achieved to create a network, a community, if I may say a family, of European and Chinese regional authorities, non-state and state actors, public and private friends and colleagues. It has inspired great willingness and commitment of cities from the EU and from China to work together on pertinent subjects, focus on sustainable urbanization and act as real partners in times of pandemic. IURC China will further nurture this solid foundation, excel the quality of city and now also regional partnerships and elevate the cooperation to the next level by involving a strong dimension of innovation.”


IURC China Reads

IURC-China Team Visits Bari, Italy

Keru FENGDec 14, 20224 min read

IURC-China team made a fruitful study visit to the city of Bari on 28-29 November 2022. The technical visits aimed at meeting the key mayor´s administration and technical staff, understanding…

IURC China Lazio Region – Zhengzhou City 2nd Working Session

Keru FENGNov 21, 20223 min read

On 03rd November, the Lazio region (Italy) and Zhengzhou city (China) undertook the second follow-up meeting as part of the IURC-China cooperation working sessions in Sustainable Agriculture and Agri-Food System.…

IURC Annual Event Brings IURC-China Cities and Regions Closer Together towards Cooperative Leadership

Keru FENGNov 17, 20226 min read

On the 7th and 8th of November, IURC-China city and region representatives met in Brussels at the IURC Annual Event 2022. The delegates exchanged their urban/regional development experiences, found solutions…

IURC China Cooperation Webinar: Urban Renewal and Renovation Wave

Keru FENGNov 7, 20224 min read

In IURC cities, both in Europe and China, urban renewal has become the major approach to meet the increasing demand of residents for urban space and facilities without the expenses…

IURC China Cooperation Webinar: Urban Planning and Design for Inclusive, Productive, Sustainable and Resilient Cities

Keru FENGOct 31, 20224 min read

The sustainability, productivity and resilience of urban systems heavily depend on transformation through urban planning and design, with the interaction of different stakeholders, allowing for reliable and forward-thinking collaboration among…

IURC China Bilateral Working Session on Sustainable Agri-Food System : Lazio Region – Zhengzhou City

Keru FENGOct 18, 20223 min read

On 29 September, delegates from Zhengzhou City (China) and Lazio region (Italy) participated in a bilateral working session to discuss potential cooperation on sustainable agri-food system. The delegates exchanged experiences…

EU-China Cooperation in Education, Jobs & Skills: New Skills Agenda for Sustainability, Competitiveness, and Innovation

Keru FENGOct 10, 20226 min read

On 28th September, the IURC-China cooperation webinar on Education, Jobs, and Skills invited European and Chinese cities and regions in a collaborative and participatory environment to share best practices for…

Early Success Story from IURC China and Much More

Keru FENGJul 13, 20225 min read

In IURC-China, the European and Chinese pilot cities and regions are facing similar challenges in urban transformation, industrial upgrading and environmental sustainability, albeit in varying social and economic contexts. They…

IURC-China Thematic Cooperation Webinar on Sustainable Agriculture and Agri-food System

Keru FENGJun 24, 20225 min read

On 23 June 2022, as part of the IURC China thematic cluster working sessions, IURC-China organized a webinar on Sustainable Agriculture and Agri-food System. The webinar focused on policies, knowledge…

Zoom-in Europe (I): Regional Innovation & Smart Sustainable Specialisation Strategies in the EU

Keru FENGJun 13, 20222 min read

IURC-China successfully organized the first “Zoom-in Europe” online training session “Regional Innovation in the EU”, on Thursday 02 June 2022. The online training session aims to bring together urban and…

IURC China Webinar | Regional Innovation & Smart Sustainable Specialisation Strategies

Keru FENGJun 6, 20225 min read

On 2 June 2022, IURC China has organised the cooperation networking webinar on the Regional Innovation & Smart Specialisation Strategies. The event involved 14 European and Chinese regions, which are…

Technology 4.0 & Industry 5.0 and Innovation for a Green and Digital Transition | IURC-China Cooperation Networking Webinar

Keru FENGMay 5, 20225 min read

The EU and China share the objective of sustainable green growth. Policies and investments are put in the position to support the innovation in green technologies and the transformation of…

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