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Republic of Korea

Siriwat PokrajenMay 3, 20213 min read

IURC Asia & Australasia Partner Country: Republic of Korea Country Description Over the past years under a green growth strategy, different authorities have launched a number of initiatives on urbanisation,…

New Zealand

Siriwat PokrajenMay 3, 20212 min read

IURC Asia & Australasia Partner Country: New Zealand Country Description The New Zealand population has become increasingly urban, like the rest of the world. The size of New Zealand cities…


Siriwat PokrajenMay 3, 20215 min read

IURC Asia & Australasia Partner Country: Japan Country Description With an urbanisation rate of 92%, Japan has as a wealth of experience with establishing urban structures able to adapt to…


Siriwat PokrajenMay 3, 20214 min read

IURC Asia & Australasia Partner Country: India Country Description: With a land area of more than 3.28 million km², India is the second most populous nation of the world with…


Siriwat PokrajenMay 3, 20213 min read

IURC Asia & Australasia Partner Country: Australia Country Description: Australia’s population is now over 25 million and the federal governance system comprises six states and two special territories. By 2029,…

Why EU cities and regions must be international

Anthony ColcloughApril 30, 202113 min read

“We are major advocates of the need for a territorial justice and for territorial development and we have been now 30 years in this business.” This passion for justice, according…

Successful collaboration with Latin American cities

Ramon ZamoraApril 27, 20216 min read

Successful collaboration with Latin American cities IURC Latin America offers the opportunity to work in countries with significant populations, with the six largest emerging economies of Latin America, with great…

Successful urban cooperation in Asia and Australasia

Siriwat PokrajenApril 27, 20218 min read

The IURC covers a vast and diverse geographical area in Asia and Australasia, consisting of nine countries in total and spanning seven time zones. For the next three years, 68…

IURC Asia and Australasia team participates at Landing Event

Pablo GandaraApril 14, 20211 min read

The IURC Asia and Australasia team participated in the “Landing Event” organised by the IURC Central Services. The event featured a video developed by the IURC regional team inviting EU…

EU Delegation to Indonesia participates at Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Asia Meeting

Pablo GandaraApril 14, 20212 min read

The Delegation of the European Union (EUD) to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam participated in the webinar “How Asia-Pacific cities active on food policy can benefit from the Milan Urban Food…

A digital international city

Anthony ColcloughApril 13, 20211 min read

Looking for a neat interactive experience strolling through a digital international city? Our virtual brochure is populated by characters and quotes that will help guide you to understand the virtues…


Anthony ColcloughApril 13, 20213 min read

Interview with Sandra Marín (Team Leader & KE IURC Central Coordination Service) What is IURC? What is the vision for what it will achieve? I personally like to define this…

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