Founded in 1986, ANCIM represents 35 municipalities of small Italian islands where residents are over 200,000 people combined. The objectives of the association are to overcome the practice of development centred almost exclusively on tourism and make the islands more sustainable both socially and economically.

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Alentejo is a multifaceted and human territory. The heritage wealth, the diversified and well-preserved landscape, and the high environmental quality guarantee an excellent life. It offers a business environment favourable to investment and economic activities, benefiting from the great social and political stability and the skilled labour in the country.

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Bacau needs to attract new investments for the future. A partnership between local and central public sector is necessary for the growth of the private sector and the generation of sustainable jobs. Currently, Bacau County is facing a demographic decline and a significant part of workforce doesn’t generate added value.

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Beijing has built the Integrated National Demonstration Zone for opening-up the service sector and the pilot free trade zone, whilst seeking to set up the National Service Trade Innovation and Development Demonstration Zone, the Digital Trade Demonstration Zone and the Beijing Stock Exchange, in order to foster new development pattern.

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Dalian is an important port city on the northern coast of China with tourism resources. It has a 2,211-km coastline and is the window opening to the world in the Northeast region. A model city for modern logistics, Dalian connects China to Japan, South Korea, Russia, Europe, America and Asia.

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Hangzhou strives to develop an open economy and build a key hub for “Digital Silk Road” to strengthen economic ties with European market. Recently, Hangzhou’s cross-border e-commerce model has been widely promoted. Besides, it has launched the world’s first Electronic World Trade Platform, eWTP public service platform, for overseas development.

By Herbert Ortner, Austria - own digital image, CC...

South Bohemia is rich in natural resources. The diversified manufacturing industry and high-quality research & innovation institutions are its strongest strengths. Agriculture and tourism present significantly. Innovative approaches and smart solutions in agriculture are well-covered in RIS3 strategy. The concept of tourism development states the inclination towards sustainable, low-carbon tourism.

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Jinan is a well-connected key city along the new Eurasian land corridors. With the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Metropolitan Region to the north, the Yangtze River Delta to the south, Japan and South Korea to the east, and the Yellow River basin to the west, it has a comprehensive network of transportation means.

by Wolfgang Moroder

Ljubljana Urban Region builds its sustainable development on knowledge, innovation, and synergy. The region boosts its competitiveness by modernizing its traffic, environmental, ICT and social infrastructure as well as by developing its human potentials. Another potential lies in cooperation between academia and economic sectors to develop new products and services.

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Qingdao is a popular tourist destination, an international port, and a UNESCO City of Film. Home to Pilot National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology and National Innovation Center of High-Speed Train, half of China’s marine science and technology talents and one-third of academicians in marine field are based here.

by Wolfgang Moroder

Lazio is deeply involved in its Smart Specialization Strategy through the approach aiming at promoting growth and employment. The innovation drivers for Lazio are Agrofood, green and circular economy, life science, automotive and sustainable mobility, aerospace, blue Economy, digital and creative industries, security, as well as technologies for cultural heritage.

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